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In a world of thriller movies and horror movies “shaitan movie download Filmyzilla 2024 1080p 720p 480p” is a masterpiece. This is anticipated film of the season.

It is a south Indian movie of 2023.”SHAITAAN” “Shaitaan, a supernatural horror thriller movie in Hindi, emerged in 2024 under the direction of Vikas Bahl and the joint production of Devgn Films, Jio Studios, and Panorama Studios.

Inspired by the 2023 Gujarati horror flick ‘Vash,’ it features Ajay Devgn, R. Madhavan, Jyothika, Janki Bodiwala, and Anngad Raaj in pivotal roles.

Movie Information:

  • Movie Name: Shaitan
  • Release Year: 2024
  • Genre: Horror
  • Language: Hindi
  • Available Formats: 480p, 720p, 1080p


– Ajay Devgn portrays the character Kabir.

– R. Madhavan takes on the role of Vanraj.

– Jyothika stars as Neha.

– Janki Bodiwala embodies the character Janvhi.

– Anngad Raaj portrays Dhruv.

Shatian Movie Synopsis:

Shaitan is the story of a family in crisis. Kabir resides in Dehradun with his wife Joyti, Janvi[daughter] and Dhruv [son].

They head to their farmhouse for the weekend and on the way they bumped into Vanraj.

As expected, the trailer delivers a thrilling glimpse into the world of ‘Shaitaan,’ showcasing a series of heart-pounding moments that promise an electrifying cinematic experience.

The film revolves around Kabir and his family going on a fun weekend trip. However, things take a scary turn when they invite a friendly but mysterious stranger into their house.

As time passes, the family faces their biggest fears in this thrilling story about Indian Black Magic.

Shaitaan is among those rare supernatural films that can be watched by families too.” He added, “Vikas Bahl adapts the Gujarati Film, Vash to perfection and the major rewriting in the climax makes the film palatable to a wider section of the audience.

Overall, despite some flaws, Shaitaan is definitely worth a viewing. Watch it with the expectations of a survival thriller, than a horror film!

On the whole, SHAITAAN is a nail-biting thriller laced with superlative performances and clapworthy climax that keeps you engaged.

At the box office, the film is set for a good opening thanks to the well-received trailer, hype and partial holiday on account of Mahashivratri.

What will also go in the film’s favour is that after a long time, an A-lister like Ajay Devgn will be seen in this genre.

Overall, Shaitaan stands out as a riveting horror-thriller, headlined by stellar performances from Ajay Devgn, R Madhavan, Jyothika, and others.

With its seamless blend of intense drama, supernatural elements, and occult intrigue, this film is sure to leave audiences spellbound till the very end.

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